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Berne Union PTO
friends helping friends



White Christmas
  The Berne Union PTO, in conjunction with community members and churches,
put together holiday packages for the families in need in our town.
Included in these "gifts" are not only the supplies for a Christmas
dinner, but food and clothing to help through the winter months. It
is a way to show our support to families during this season.


On December 22nd we met in the Commons Area. It was
truly amazing how the spirit of holidays brings out the
absolute best in people. The amount of food, and gifts
was inspiring. We finished packing our parcels of good
cheer in record time due to all the wonderful "elfs" that
came to help! The experience was truly moving.........
But it all could not have been possible without our leader
Sonya Downour and her family. They did a wonderful job, and
their efforts are appreciated! If you did not get to be a part
of this event, I encourage to try to next year..... you will be
wonderfully rewarded for your efforts by really feeling like a
part of a very special community......

  If you have any questions, or are interested in donating for next
year, please contact Sonya for details.