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Berne Union PTO

Newsletter Jun/Jul/Aug 1999

Letter from the Editor

Hello! It's so hard to believe that it's back to school already. The PTO had a busy quarter, so here are the details..... Our June meeting was quite interesting with a great demonstration by the Fairfield County Sherriff K-9 Unit. Our thanks to Tammy and Rex Coleman for coordinating that program. We hope to bring the K-9 Unit back for an assembly fthat the whole school can enjoy. We also were making preparations for the Supply Sale and the Teacher Appreciation Lunch, both to be held in August. We also talked about bringing back the school carnival for a spring event, but this would only be possible with more volunteers stepping forward. An interest survey about the carnival will go out in the fall. Our Basket Auction that was held during the 4th of July celebration was a HUGE success. We had $1155.00 in ticket sales!! Thank You to all the teachers, students, and their families that contributed to this exciting event, and to those of you that bought tickets to support us. Congratulations to the winners! The PTO was involved with the Kindergarten Orientation that was held in August. Packets featuring PTO, school, local and fun information were passes out in the learning totes along with trinkets for the kids and a sample of Market Day's fruit snacks. Similar packets were made for our new students that come into the district as well. Our thanks to Jennie Cozart and her family for putting together these packets. I look forward to working with more of you to make this year an exciting and fun experience! Michelle Storts- President B.U. PTO

Market Day

Market Day enjoyed a good year, with total monies raised of $2690.94 for 1998-99. And this with less than a 25% participation rate! Just think of the possibilities if we could raise that rate! To make things more interesting for 1999-2000, we are going to have an "event" or give-a-way of some sort each month to inspire you to participate in the Market Day program. Our Sept. motivator is that Mr. Hardin has agreed to be duct taped to the football scoreboard in Oct., if we can get 85 Market Day orders in Sept. What a show of support! In Oct. for every $10 you order, a free B.U. Rockets zipper pull will be yours. (Up to 5 pulls per family-compliments of PTO.) And in Nov., the elementary pie fundraiser will be through Market Day, with profits going towards the principals fund that pays for student assemblies and programs. Dex. will geature a drawing for a free roast- for every roast you order, you name will be entered into the drawing. We will even be treating our volunteers that come to help on pick-up day with complimentary food treats and occasional coupons for money off your order. Volunteers help unload the truck, set food out for pick-up, and help our customers fill their orders....all in a fun and friendly enviroment! If you'd like to sign up to be a Market Day volunteer, please contact Janie Heston, our Market Day chairperson at Order Market Day online from our PTO website or at

Ode to Volunteers

Many will be shocked to find
When the Day of Judgement nears
That there's a special place in
Heaven set aside for volunteers.
Furnished with big recliners,
Satin couches and footstools-
Where there's no committee chair,
No group leaders for carpools.
Telephone list will be outlawed,
But a finger snap will bring
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners,
And rare treats fit for a king.
You ask, who's serving the privileged few
And work for all they're worth?
Why, those who reaped the benefits
And not once volunteered on earth.

Have a seat!!

The PTO is please to announce that there will be three new park benches for the playground!!!! They have been ordered from Landscape Structures Inc. and shold be arriving in a few short weeks. We hope you will take a seat, and enjoy the view!

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