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Letter from the Editor

Hello, and welcome back to school! It's hard to believe that it is time for those words already. I hope that your summer was full of fun. Ours went much too fast, but now we are filled with the anticipation of a new school year.

The PTO has been hard at work all summer, and we are looking forward to a busy school year as well. The PTO is built upon the efforts of our teacher and parent volunteers, and I'm looking forward to welcoming new members this year, as well as reaquainting with old friends. Every parent or guardian is a member of PTO, how active a member you become is up to you. Whether you attend our meetings, or volunteer some time to help with an event, all efforts are appreciated. Well, that's about all for my "sales-pitch", but I do hope that you consider being a part of PTO.

Michelle Storts- President B.U. PTO

Berne Union PTO Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 2
Jun/Jul/Aug 1998



What a busy summer!

The PTO started the summer with the preparations for the annual Chinese
Auction at the Sugar Grove 4th of July Festival. The funds raised for
the PTO were over $500.00. Thank you to those that contributed, and to
the volunteers that took time out of their day to help run the auction.

The next PTO events were in August. The first was the Supply Sale, held
for six days, in which they sold school supplies at their cost as a service
to the students and their families. The chairperson for this event was
Pam Ringhiser, who did a wonderful job again this year, and has the gratitude
of the PTO. Many volunteers helped, and appreciation is sent their way too.

PTO also participated in the Kindergarten Orientation held on August 18th
and 19th. They supplied a packet that included information about PTO, and
some goodies for the kids, in the take home materials that were given out.

On August 25th, the PTO sponsored a luncheon for the teachers and staff
that were in service that day. They served a hot lunch of homemade lasagna,
salad, garlic bread, dessert, and beverages. Thank you Mary for cooking such
a delicious meal.

The PTO Executive Committee met this summer in June, and again in August, at
the home of their President. They were able to come up with some exciting
ideas and programs to kick off this year, and plan to introduce them at the
first meeting on Tuesday Sept. 1st, at 7pm in the Elementary Library.

The month of September will be the first annual Membership Drive. All
families of Berne Union K-8 students will be contacted through the month
and encouraged to become a part of PTO. A New Member Open House will be
held at the October meeting. The hope is tat everyone will be able to give
some time to help PTO have a successful year.


1998-99 PTO Officers

President- Michelle Storts
V.President- Sheri Garrett
Secretary- Cindy Wright
Treasurer- Linda Hewetson
Advisor- Trina Thornton

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