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Berne Union PTO News



"A Year In Review"

The 1997-98 school year was quite successful for the
Berne Union PTO. We were able to raise monies by holding
our annual events of the Chinese Auction, Supply Sale, and
the Christmas Craft Fair, as well as our continuous efforts
through the Market Day and Recycling Accounts.

With these monies we held a Teacher Work Day Lunch for the
in-service day before school started, contributed to the Bingo
start-up, supplemented costs for students field trips, and
teacher reimbursements. We also provided some financial support
for the Middle School's Honor Parties, Drug Awareness Week, and
the Elementary Emergency Clothing Supply. The Lip Sync Contest,
Pace Program, Cub Scout Pack 283, Teen Institute, and the After-
School Dances were all touched by the PTO's efforts!

We also were able to enjoy participating in the Art Walk, which may
now become an annual event, and helped 18 families have a nicer
holiday with our White Christmas program.

All of this was only possible with the generous participation of
parent and teacher volunteers, who willingly give of themselves to
better our students school experience. Our gratitude goes out to
each and every one that has helped make this past year such a success.

We say goodbye to Kara Mendenhall, who served the PTO as President for
an unprecedented four years. She did a wonderful job, and her efforts
and her accomplishments will stay with us. Our best wishes to her in all
her future endeavors.


Coming Events:

PTO's Annual 4th July Chinese Auction

Teacher's Appreciation Lunch

Kindergarten Meet and Greet

School Supply Sale

Red Ribbon Parade

1998 Craft Fair

White Christmas

Talent Show

Drug Awareness Week

Art Walk




"The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and support the individual
growth and education of all Berne Union Students. This organization will provide support
to all the teachers and students through raising monies and also through parent volunteers
working in cooperation with the school administration and the board."





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