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Berne Union PTO
Basket Auction




Each participating homeroom picked a "theme"
in which to fill their baskets. We hope we can count on
your participation to make this event successful.

Here is the complete list of classes and their themes;

  Basket #1- Mrs. Woodward- School Supplies
Basket #2- Mrs. Dombrowski/Mrs. McCrady- Snacks
Basket #3- Mrs. Warthman- Bath/Body
Basket #4- Mrs. Mackender- Dog Care Supplies
Basket #5- Mrs. Adams- Hair Care Products
Basket #6- Mrs. Reliford- Gardening Supplies
Basket #7- Mrs. Hanna/ Mrs. Sheets- "Taste of Italy" (pasta and supplies)
Basket #8- Mrs. Fortner- Handyman Supplies (tools, etc.)
Basket #9- Mrs. Miller/ Mrs. Browning- Baby Items
Basket #10- Mrs. Cook/ Mrs. Krulia- Outdoor Summer Toys
Basket #11- Mrs. Burre- Water Fun (pool and water toys)
Basket #12- Mrs. Bibler/ Mrs. VanHorn- Cat Care Supplies
Basket #13- Mrs. Garber- Picnic Supplies

  If you have any questions or comments, please email us below!